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The Importance of A Good Website Design
website design
Website Design

Your website is the hub of your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company whether your company exists physically or not.

Good Website Design

When you are doing business online, people cannot see you physically like how they could if they were dealing with an offline company. Hence, people do judge you by your covers. This is where a good website design comes in.

Imagine if you are running an offline company. Would you allow your salespersons to be dressed in shabby or casual clothes when they are dealing with your customers?

By making your staff wear professionally, you are telling your customers that you do care about quality.

This works simply because first impressions matter.

Similarly, the same case is with your website. If your website is put together shabbily and looks like a 5 minute “quick fix”, you are literally shouting to your visitors that you are not professional and you do not care for quality.

Professional Website Design

On the opposite, if you have a totally professional looking website design layout, you are giving your visitors the perception that you have given meticulous attention to every detail and you care about professionalism.

You are organised, focused and you really mean business.

Business Branding Website Design

On the other hand, you should also have anything related to your company well designed. From business cards to letterheads to promotional brochures, every little bit matters.

This is because as you grow your business, these items become the face of your business.

Once again, think of the “salesperson dressed shabbily” anology, and you will get my point.

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A website is a brand touchpoint, a business tool, and a place to drive critical conversions.


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    The Importance of a Sitemaps

    Sitemaps are often considered redundant in the process of building a website, and that is indeed the fact if you made a sitemap for the sake of having one.

    By highlighting the importance of having a well constructed sitemap, you will be able to tailor your own sitemap to suit your own needs.

    What Are Sitemaps?


    sitemap is a list of pages that are contained in a website that is accessible to website crawlers or users.

    It can vary in type—sometimes it may be a simple document used as a planning tool for designing the website, or it may be a web page that contains a list of all pages within a website, which is generally organized in a hierarchical way.

    Sitemaps display the relationship between various pages and content of a website, demonstrating the way that the website is organized, how it can be navigated, and how it is labeled.

    There are a few different types of sitemaps, and a few different styles of sitemaps. Both of these factors will vary simply based on who or what the sitemap is intended for.

    Sitemaps may be addressed to users or to software.

    Many sites have user-visible sitemaps which present a systematic view, typically hierarchical, of the site.

    These are intended to help visitors find specific pages, and can also be used by crawlers.

    Alphabetically organized site maps, sometimes called site indexes, are a different approach.

    Sitemaps and their Purpose

    wiki sitemap info

    1) Navigation purposes

    A site map literally acts as a map of your site.

    If your visitors browses your site and gets lost between the thousands of pages on your site, they can always refer to your site map to see where they are, and navigate through your pages with the utmost ease.

    2) Conveying your site’s theme

    When your visitors load up your site map, they will get the gist of your site within a very short amount of time.

    There is no need to get the “big picture” of your site by reading through each page, and by doing that you will be saving your visitors’ time.

    3) Site optimization purposes

    When you create a sitemap, you are actually creating a single page which contains links to every single page on your site.

    Imagine what happens when search engine robots hit this page — they will follow the links on the sitemaps and naturally every single page of your site gets indexed by search engines!

    It is also for this purpose that a link to the sitemap has to be placed prominently on the front page of your website.

    4) Organization and relevance

    A site map enables you to have a complete bird’s eye view of your site structure, and whenever you need to add new content or new sections, you will be able to take the existing hierarchy into consideration just by glancing at the sitemaps.

    As a result, you will have a perfectly organized site with everything sorted according to their relevance.


    From the above reasons, it is most important to implement a site map for website projects with a considerable size. Through this way, you will be able to keep your website easily accessible and neatly organized for everyone to navigate with ease.

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      Azacus Cloud is transforming the digital journey in a way most agencies cannot—bridging the gaps from strategy to execution. Now businesses can come to a single source to design, build and run integrated, technology driven marketing campaigns that prepare them for the future.

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      Azacus Cloud

      Customer Reviews

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      The team at Azacus Cloud have done a fantastic job on our project from the first consultation to the end project .
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      We approached Azacus to provide SNB Crypto Currencies Inc. with secure high speed cloud servers along with secure user friendly website.
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      Azacus cloud have done a phenomenal job in redesigning our website for my leather belt business.
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      Azacus Cloud has exceeded our expectations again!
      Following up from our last project we have a great respect for the professional approach that Azacus Cloud has towards our project.

      Our project was delivered on time with constant communication for our requirements exceeding all our project expectations

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      Azacus Cloud performed an outstanding job in building our platform Vbay Global Trading platform and getting it online and ready to onboard our first customers.

      With the scope of the project Azacus Cloud provided constant communication regarding project requirements they are an outstanding service provider Highly recommended as a website design company give them a try we certainly are satisfied.

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      Holistics & Co approached Acacus Cloud with our online shop requirements and from the offset they have shown us nothing but a very high level of professional services that are hard to find in this online world.

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      We are utterly delighted with the site it is functional, fast, and very well designed

      I highly recommend Azacus Cloud as a business partner in the online world , there skills and knowledge is second to none they have exceeded my expectations the quality of there work along side there professional approach is so very good.
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