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Faq-Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to all the various things you can do to help make your website rank higher in relevant results of search engines like Google.

Some of the work involves improvements and optimizations to the website itself, such as improving page speed, adding relevant keywords throughout your content, and improving your sitemap.

Other activities can involve helping generate links to your website from other external websites to improve your domain’s authority.

Why does SEO Matter?

The higher your website appears in search engine result pages, the more likely people are to find and visit your website. If you’re looking to attract a particular audience or type of person, it’s imperative that your website appear in relevant results to those people!

SEO is one of the most important marketing activities you can invest in to generate meaningful, long-term traffic growth for your website.

How does the SEO Marketing service process work?

We make it easy!

Once you purchase an SEO plan, your dedicated SEO Manager will introduce themselves and send you a questionnaire to help us learn about your business and goals. We then compile a comprehensive SEO strategy and review this with you 1-on-1 to ensure we focus SEO efforts in the areas where you can see the most growth.

We spend a lot of time upfront optimizing your website software for SEO, and then continually implement tactics and new content informed by your SEO strategy.

You receive a monthly report summarizing the work performed and the gains to your rankings and traffic, and we regularly review your strategy with you to ensure we are always maximizing your website’s potential.

What is the minimum commitment for SEO Services?

We require a 3-month commitment on all our SEO plans.

Unlike paid advertising, SEO done properly takes time to see results, though the results last much longer. Also, doing SEO well also takes time and care. Unlike many digital marketing shops out there, we don’t do shady optimizations that risk your website’s reputation or credibility.

SEO is an investment that doesn’t show results overnight, but does deliver lasting organic traffic growth when done well.

How big of ranking improvements will I see?

That depends! Some keywords are harder to rank for than others – it all depends on your competition. We can almost always guarantee that your website will get ranked on search terms that will drive meaningful traffic to your website. Your SEO Manager will conduct thorough research to identify keywords where you can make the most progress, and will provide timelines on when the ranking is estimated to be achieved.

Why should I choose Azacus Cloud to help me with my SEO?

Our SEO team has years of industry experience. We seek long term partnerships with our clients who are truly committed to getting ranked and developing a content strategy.

Now you can sit back and let us handle everything for you, freeing you to focus on your business.

How do I measure my website’s search engine ranking?

Every month you will receive a complete report on your website’s SEO performance. This includes a summary of the activity performed, as well as data regarding your site’s traffic and ranking improvements across target key words.

This makes it easy for you to always keep tabs on how your website is performing in search engines and growing in traffic as a result!

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Azacus Cloud is transforming the digital journey in a way most agencies cannot—bridging the gaps from strategy to execution. Now businesses can come to a single source to design, build and run integrated, technology driven marketing campaigns that prepare them for the future.

Customer Reviews

Azacus Cloud

Customer Reviews

Jackie Viljoen - Original Earthwear 15/06/2021

The team at Azacus Cloud have done a fantastic job on our project from the first consultation to the end project .
I wanted a functional Ecommerce store for my Bohemian Fashion range which is easy for the end user to purchase from .
Azacus exceeded our expectations from day one , there ongoing communications in regards to our project requirements was nothing but highly professional.
They listened, adapted, and gave outstanding results.
Highly recommend for Ecommerce development

Reinhard Stryijdom - SNB Crypto Currencies 11/06/2021

We approached Azacus to provide SNB Crypto Currencies Inc. with secure high speed cloud servers along with secure user friendly website.
After the initial consultation with them we agreed on a deadline and a project completion date of which Azacus delivered both on time and with extra services.

SNB Crypto Currencies Inc. Highly recommend Azacus as an online business partner.

Riaan Van der Westhuizen - The Leather Belt Company 20/07/2021

Azacus cloud have done a phenomenal job in redesigning our website for my leather belt business.
They are affordable and professional
Highly recommend as a web design company

Wanda - The Vegan Health Store 15/01/2021

Azacus Cloud has exceeded our expectations again!
Following up from our last project we have a great respect for the professional approach that Azacus Cloud has towards our project.

Our project was delivered on time with constant communication for our requirements exceeding all our project expectations

Colin T - VBay Global Trading 14/02/2021

Azacus Cloud performed an outstanding job in building our platform Vbay Global Trading platform and getting it online and ready to onboard our first customers.

With the scope of the project Azacus Cloud provided constant communication regarding project requirements they are an outstanding service provider Highly recommended as a website design company give them a try we certainly are satisfied.

James Flint - Holistics & Co 23/03/2021

Holistics & Co approached Acacus Cloud with our online shop requirements and from the offset they have shown us nothing but a very high level of professional services that are hard to find in this online world.

As an online company we highly recommend Azacus Cloud for all your website development services including ecommerce development they have certainly exceed our expectations time and time again!

Wanda Tandy - Nutro Vegan 12/04/2021

The professional approach that Azacus Cloud has shown Nutro Vegan is such a breath of fresh air.
I am demanding and their patience and understanding my requirements have blown me away!!

We are utterly delighted with the site it is functional, fast, and very well designed

I highly recommend Azacus Cloud as a business partner in the online world , there skills and knowledge is second to none they have exceeded my expectations the quality of there work along side there professional approach is so very good.
Thank you Azacus Cloud

Jason Buckel- Nutro Labelling Services 10/02/2021

Azacus Cloud have provided Nutro Labelling with a fantastic service from the start of our project.

There approach to our requirements have been understood and fulfilled in a very professional and timely manner

Highly recommended as a business partner
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